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About us
Suzhou Hailan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. registered in the Yangtze River Delta economic center -, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang Nanfeng, registered capital of 11.8 million yuan, is a professional engaged in dust filter and bag of R & D, production and sales of specialized companies, is the China Environmental Protection Industry Association bag type dust committee members of the unit.
In order to meet the increasing requirements of environmental protection, in order to satisfy the needs of customers with high quality, in order to provide more comprehensive services to customers, Suzhou blue one phase of the project put into operation a high-temperature chemical fiber production line of acupuncture, a full set of processing production line and four automatic sewing production line.
Company products are mainly targeted at high temperature and in the high-end market, in order to ensure the quality of the products of the leading, in the hardware facilities are equipped with, acupuncture equipment companies, the industry's leading online testing equipment, can realize online quality products in the production process control, product high uniformity; in bag processing using fully automatic sewing production line to ensure perfect quality of sewing. Our technical team has a long experience in the industry, with industry mature production technology, to ensure that meet the quality requirements of high quality.
Current filter material products include normal temperature filter material, high temperature filter material, functional filter material, composite filter material and special function filter material, a total of five series of products, can be for different conditions, to provide customers with the most suitable products.
In the product application experience, we are familiar with 200000 kW above large power projects, 5000t\d cement kiln tail, iron and steel industry, large garbage furnace, city central heating boilers and other products application.
Suzhou blue not only to provide customers with high quality products and technical center of Suzhou blue, installation teams and after-sales engineers can also provide pre-sale, sale and after sale of a full range of services, customers to buy and easier to use the filter bag.
Leading hardware configuration, a high level of technical team, mature application experience and a full range of services is Suzhou blue long-term cooperation with customers, is committed to environmental protection industry, protect the green home, will be Suzhou highland people unremitting pursuit of the goal.